Janet Larson is a very talented, caring professional who really knows her stuff. The table was comfortable, the music relaxing and she listened when I told her what areas to focus on. I left feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone looking for a truly professional massage
Kim, Brooklyn MI
I have 2 herniated discs and degenerative disc disease in the neck and Janet has done more for me than my meds and PT combined..I greatly appreciate her healing touch and she is very verbal on what she is doing, I recommend seeing Janet for relaxation or to just feel better
Jeff, Northville MI
Janet is a wonderful woman with great sensitivity. I am blessed to have experienced her talent soar over these last few years. Her massage skills are greatly appreciated by me ( retired MT) and my spouse. Janet integrates her massage training and continuing education with her innate healing gifts.
Joan, Northville MI
As a Realtor, sometimes I have to read my client’s minds to find the right house for them because they don’t know exactly what they are looking for or what’s even available. That’s why they hire a professional. It’s like that when I go for bodywork, too. I explain what is hurting or needing attention and then I trust Janet to figure it out. Her intuition is amazing and she knows how to address what’s wrong just by looking and listening.
Joy M
Janet is not your typical massage therapist. She’s got great intuition and she’s also smart and understands the various modalities and what is going to work best for different people with different situations. When I am on her table, I trust her completely.
Lori T
Janet knows how to interact with busy professionals because she is one! She knows our time is valuable and she creates the most productive body work session possible. Whether you need targeted therapeutic work or general relaxation, she will give you the full benefits of her expertise every time.
Pamela T